Must be present to win

Must be present to win. When you enter a contest, the organizer is so excited to give you the prize that they require that you are present to win. If you’re not, they will move on to the next person and they will get the prize.

The same rules apply in this game we call business. If you want to win the prize, in this case your customer’s business, then you need to be noticeable when and where they are looking for you. Sometimes this means being available in a space that you aren’t comfortable with. But if your customers are there, then you need to be there.

Are you winning new customers?

To be found by new potential customers, you need to have strategies in place to appear organically when and where your customers are looking for your services or product. But before you know where that should be, you need to know who your customers are. Are they looking for you on social media or on search engines? Maybe it’s even being front of mind on a billboard while they’re driving to work every day.

Are you winning existing customers?

They say it costs 6 times more to find a new customer than to keep your existing customers. What are you doing to WOW your existing customers? Do you under promise and over deliver? Staying front of mind with your existing customers will ensure that they don’t wander away. Marketing strategies for existing customers can include monthly email newsletters or client appreciation parties. Something to let them know that you appreciate them.

Are you winning referrals?

Once you have built up a steady, loyal customer base, how are you marketing yourself to get referrals? Creating a referral program for your existing customers that will reward them for introducing you to new customers, while at the same time makes them look like a hero, will ensure that your existing customers become an extension of your marketing program.

Bottom line, if you aren’t visible to existing and potential new customers, your marketing efforts (or lack thereof) are as effective as designing a brochure that you never print. If you want to WIN in business, you need to show up to go up.