Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

Set of Vintage gold picture frame, isolatedA picture may be worth a thousand words. But in social media marketing, visual assets in posts ensure 94% more views than one without. Pinterest and Instagram know this all too well. In fact, Pinterest is now the 2nd largest driver of traffic.

Since 65% of the population is visual learners, if you aren’t focusing on visuals in your social media posts or in your marketing, you are missing the boat.  When people hear information, they’re only likely to remember 10% of it three days later. But if there is a visual image, they will remember 65%.

Why should you use images to market your brand?

  • Algorithms are paying attention. On Facebook, as users are perusing content, their algorithm is taking note of the types of content people pause on. It will then start showing more content like this in users’ newsfeeds. Have you ever stopped to watch a video of a puppy doing something cute and then notice more of these videos popping up on your newsfeed?
  • In addition to catching more eyes, the right image can convey connections and emotions your content may not achieve on its own. Think like your customers. If you are a mortgage broker, attach images of families in front of a SOLD sign on a house.
  • Visuals will help you STAND OUT amongst your competition. If you are using proper visual elements in your social media marketing and your competition isn’t, who is getting the extra attention from potential customers? You are!

Thirsty High Class Chihuahua Having A Drink From A Straw And Glass

Are you convinced yet? Where do you begin and how can you use images in your social media marketing? A few examples of how in include visual assets are:

  • Create an industry specific quote or highlight statistics on an image. There are many sources for free images and sites like Canva or PicMonkey that can help even an amateur create fantastic graphics.
  • Attach an image to your blogs, or break the blog into sections with images. This will help ensure people are reading through to the end.
  • When posting article links on social media, attach a custom image that may be more suitable to the article in size and in content.
  • Create infographics to illustrate “how to” tutorials. For readers with shorter attention spans, this is a fantastic way for them to digest little nuggets of information and retain it longer.

Including visual assets in your social media marketing will undeniably bring life and attention to your content. But where do you get started? Schedule a complementary coaching call with me and discuss your goals and objectives. Together we can determine the best plan for your business.