Do you have a ‘Cookie-Cutter’ business?

Cookie cutters are great. They come in lots of cute shapes or holiday themes, they are easier to use than making cookies individually, and all of the cookies are the same and uniform.

But these cookies aren’t very unique.  You can’t pick out the bigger one, or the one with the most chocolate chips if they’re all exactly the same. They can’t compete with each other because they’re all the same. And neither can your business.

Every company is unique and different and special. If there were 10,000 copies of the Mona Lisa it wouldn’t be rare and valuable. People wouldn’t pay millions of dollars for it if they thought there was another one right around the corner. It’s valuable. It’s a one-of-a-kind.

Is your business one-of-a-kind? What makes you unique? Every business has their own strengths and weaknesses. Don’t worry about the competition’s strengths; focus on your own. This is what will make you unique.

This is one of the things that sets BG Marketing apart. I have never compromised on creating custom marketing for my clients. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to create cookie-cutter packages and regurgitated content, but my target market is companies who want different. They want bigger cookies or more chocolate chips. And there are customers out there looking for exactly what you have. Because they too are unique.

Just like no two businesses are alike, neither are any two customers. If you are only using one or two marketing methods, you could be missing out on customers who don’t ‘fit the mold’.  The best way to reach customers who are looking for YOUR products and services is to learn about them. What makes them tick? How do they shop for products and services? What are their buying habits? When you know this information, break the mold. Throw away the cookie cutters. And create a delicious, unique marketing strategy that they will eat up!